chicksinapronsA new study says that a high percentage of women who engage in social media feel pressure to act as if they have the ‘perfect life.’ Well, not on this blog. Sometimes I feel stuck in a comedy of errors. Just last week, yelling at Chick4 to stay close to Chick1 and Chick3 in an Olympic pool, while speaking to my husband on the iPhone–you know, multitasking mamma–I slipped. I fell. Fully clothed, in a dress, into a pool, making an indelible public splash.

With iPhone in hand.

I had a bikini on underneath, so I quickly got out, stripped off my dress, dried my phone on a towel, and jumped back in–as if it was all planned. Onlookers abounded, but I did a few breast strokes and pretended to ignore the stares. Chick2, who was dry as a bone, in a time-out, laughed her head off. (Later she told me that she had made me fall with her telekinesis powers. If you don’t know what those are, you need to watch the 80s Disney cult classic, Return From Witch Mountain. She said that’s what happens when I put her in a time-out.)

Forget the embarrassment of falling in the pool. I soon had an iPhone problem on my hands. It wouldn’t turn on.

So my iPhone spent all weekend as if it were a Canyon Ranch guest. It laid in a closed bag of aromatic jasmine rice. It suntanned in my car. It laid in another treatment bag of silica beads. (I almost put Chick2 in a bag! Telekinesis my ***). On the third day, my phone rose again. I almost cried when the apple appeared. But then … swipe, swipe, swipe … the touch pad wasn’t working. Calls and texts came in, but I couldn’t collect them. Siri would talk to me–from afar– but wouldn’t do anything until I unlocked my phone. Ughhhhh. What a tease! Talk about forbidden fruit.

Thankfully, I had Apple Care, so it was a $40 mistake. Sadly, pictures of my summer trip to Spain have only been saved in my mind (well, I’m going to try and retrieve some from email and Facebook).

No, my life is not perfect. No one’s is. Not even Siri’s. But it’s in those moments of imperfection that we grow, learn, love, and hopefully laugh. x, Carolina

The moral of the story:

1- Back Up Your Phone/ Get It Insured

2- Keep Phones Away from Water

3- Don’t be too hard on any psychic kids! They might push you to your limits.

4- Finally, embrace your imperfections.