Clever or Cute this Halloween?

HalloweenThis past Saturday, all of the chicks got together for a big Halloween bash. Though the jury is still out, I opted for a clever costume. Can you guess what I am from the photo on the left?I’m wearing a slip, and the old man on my body is Sigmund Freud. Get it? …A Freudian Slip. Carolina thought it was too much off a stretch, so she last minute wrote up a bunch of post-its with Freudian references to slap on me. And still, few ‘got it.’ (Carolina: “They probably think you’re some hung over mom who left the house with only her slip on!” Me: “STOP IT!”)She, on the other hand, was a traditional devil…and her girl chicks followed suit. My girls opted for classic Elsa and ballerina.

What’s your style this Halloween?
Any other scary clever ideas?
xx, Melissa

Happy Halloween from all of our chicks!